Custodia program

Her story deserves to be saved!

ACWR’s mission statement includes a commitment to “advocate for the protection of the historical records of women religious.”
The Custodia program offers one-on-one assistance for archives of congregations and communities at the critical point of facing closure. Common solutions include merging with other similar groups or transferring entire collections to other repositories. Rather than offer absolute answers, Custodia emphasizes that there is no “one size fits all” solution for such critical dispositions. Having assisted more than 50 archives, Custodia emphasizes the important “first steps” in preparing archives for the challenges of facing a future that makes the rich legacies of the histories of women religious accessible to new audiences of users.


What Custodia can do:
Assist you in the process of mapping the future of your collections.
Present logical steps to follow as you prepare holdings for transfer.
This is a free program offered by ACWR.

Custodia is the place to start for considerations about the future of archives. Those needing specific training for archivists should plan to consult ACWR’s resources in basic professional training or in mentoring.

At the 2018 ACWR Triennial Conference in Louisville, KY, one thing was made clear. Archivists and leaders of women religious congregations should be having conversations about sustaining the archival patrimony of their respective communities. These stories deserve to be saved.

Custodia’s contacts are Dee Gallo and Lisa Gibbon. If you would like to connect with Dee Gallo and learn more about how the Custodia initiative can assist with your Community’s future planning, please email