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Archivists for Congregations of Women Religious (ACWR) assists lay and religious archivists in the management, interpretation, and preservation of the historical record of Catholic sisters and nuns in the United States and worldwide.

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ACWR a national organization of approximately 350 members, was born out of awareness that religious archives are unique. A separate organization was needed to address their issues. The first meeting, initiated by a small group of women religious, was held as a roundtable at the 1990 Conference of the Society of American Archivists.

ACWR is open to archivists of women’s religious congregations, historians of women’s history, and anyone supportive of its mission. An executive board sets policy for the organization and carries out its operations. ACWR depends on donations from individuals and congregations to cover expenses.

Lord, let us remember that the trailblazers of yesterday Are our traditions today…
They leap from our shelves, our forebears who fashioned new stories to tell.

adapted from the Archivists Prayer by by Sister Anne Courtney

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The month of June, we are celebrating “Foreign Missions Month!” Even though ACWR is primarily an organization for archivists and communities in the United States, there are many incredible stories of our communities and our work overseas!

In April of 1996, the Religious of Jesus and Mary decided to open a mission in Haiti. The following year, two Sisters from the American Province went to begin work at Gros-Morne. In addition to teaching and working in hospitals, the Sisters answered an ecological need – reforestation. One of the prime movers in this effort was Sr Patricia Dillon, RJM, who worked tirelessly with the area’s agronomists to bring green back to the landscape. In 2001, Sr Patricia received an orange tree for her birthday; she is seen planting it on the grounds of what would be the new “Kay Jezi-Mari,” Jesus and Mary Home. The RJM continue to work in Haiti to this day.

Photo courtesy of the Archives of the Religious of Jesus and Mary

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ACWR is open to archivists of women’s religious congregations, historians of women’s history, and anyone supportive of its mission.










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Many of our archivists are doing pretty amazing projects. We have highlighted one below.

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati have updated their archives website page.

Veronica B

Archivists, Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

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